Winning and retaining loyalty is the best objective any business can have

Sir Terry Leahy,

former CEO of Tesco




We challenge the traditional way of working with customers.

CUORI helps create growth through increased customer loyalty - and creates a foundation for exceptional resilient and profitable businesses.


High customer loyalty leads to solid commercial results, and it enriches both customers, employees and the bottom line. We believe in creating results through partnership, and making a positive difference for our customers - and our customers' customers.

CUORI is both an abbreviation for Customer Orientation and means "hearts" in italian. Also the name closely relates to "curiosity". It all comes down to winning the customers' hearts through continuous customer orientation and a constant curiosity to keep improving.


CUORI is network-based and draws extra resources into play depending on the individual client. This creates freedom and flexibility to recommend the customer the right solutions. We call this customer orientation.

We cooperate with NPS.Today, who have a cloud-based tool for managing Net Promoter Systems. Together we can deliver a flexible and complete solution, that includes all from customer strategy to design and implementation of Net Promoter Systems.

CUORI is owned by Kent Bredahl, who has more than 15 years of experience with customer orientation in practice - from Carlsberg, Top-Toy, Nielsen, Coop, TNS Gallup not to mention consulting for a long list of customers.

During his time in Coop Danmark Kent was in charge of building and implementing Denmark's biggest customer satisfaction survey. This included the introduction of Net Promoter Score (NPS) in the corporation and he was the primary driving force putting customer loyalty on the agenda -  from top management to the frontline employees. Customer loyalty subsequently became a top priority for Coop, and progress in NPS is today the fourth overall target for the corporation, together with turnover, earnings and number of members.