CUORI delivers inspiration and consulting that supports the creation of high customer loyalty. Customer loyalty is a company's biggest asset and should be a top priority in the pursuit of building a resilient and profitable business.

How do you to the point, where customer orientation and customer loyalty becomes an integrated part of the entire value chain? How are the insights from the customer dialog implemented into the daily operation? 

60 % of Fortune 500 companies are

using Net Promoter Score.

Only 5 % of them are using it right. 


Fred Reichheld,

Founder of the Net Promoter System 

Implementation of insights


Most companies have lots of data and insights about their customers. The challenge is often to translate this into insights relevant for the business, moreover to implement it in operations. CUORI has comprehensive experience with identification of business critical insights, and implementing it all the way to each branch, shop, department and employee.




Why is customer loyalty so important? What does it add and how should we approach it in practice? Do we succeed in inspiring our customers, or are we predominantly using manipulation to generate sales? CUORI delivers inspiration and new energy to the work with customer loyalty through consulting, lectures and workshops.



CUORI collaborates with NPS.Today, which is a tool for managing Net Promoter Systems. NPS.Today is tailored to collect data for customer loyalty as well as automation of processes and reporting.


CUORI has chosen to collaborate with NPS.Today because it provides a good relation between content, function and value for money.  


CUORI adapts the choice of tools to its customers' needs. This means we also cooperate with customers who already have implemented another tool, and customers, where another solution is a better match. We always seek to create the best possible results for our customers, and the right tool is a substantial mean to optain this goal.


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Do you have a continuous customer dialogue and is it integrated in operations?

Can you document the value of a loyal customer?

Is the responsibility for customer loyalty at management level? 

Do you have lower customer loyalty than your competitors?