Plenti – Plenty Of Content, Value And Simplicity

Plenti, The new Danish Telecom provider, has hit the market with plenty of content and a great value proposition. Unlimited talk, data, SMS, MMS and a lot of add-ons create an attractive package at a fixed low price. And interestingly it is only offering one package. ONE.

Besides having the basics in place by offering a lot of value for money and thus being financially attractive, the simplicity of the product offering could become another great asset. One package, one price. No extra charges, no bonus, no complex conditions that are hard to understand. In comparison with the major players in Telecom the simplicity stands even more out.

Plenti has taken an outside-in view of the telecom industry and created something that is in line with what customers demand. A simple product offering that they can understand and trust.

When companies create complex product offerings for their customers it most often has the purpose of blurring the price picture and making it difficult for customers to compare.

It derives from a philosophy of “we need to make money and for this purpose we put products on the shelves and find some customers we can sell them to”.

The formula for resilient and profitable businesses is the opposite. It is “being great at helping our customers achieve their goals, and through this we make money”. When you are really good at this you even make lots of money. LEGO and Apple are great examples of this. And Plenti could become a new example.

One proven way to help your customers achieve their goals is to make things simple. Our lives are complex and full of information overload, and the last thing we need is unnecessary complexity.

Consider supermarkets for example. Every week around 30 % of the revenue involves some kind of promotion. As a customer you must be alert in order not to miss a great promotion or to make the mistake of buying your coffee or soft drink at regular price. To this you can add the complexity of promotions only available on Wednesday or Friday, the personal promotions that you must look up in an app as well as remember to activate them before they are valid. Finally you must remember to show your clubcard at the checkout and collect stamps to be able to buy stuff you don’t need at an 80 % discount. How does that correspond with the needs of grocery shoppers?

Where is the unnecessary complexity in your organization seen with the eyes of the customers? How much do you do to reduce complexity in your offerings?

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